Establishing Support

The process for establishing child support orders may be initiated in a variety of ways:

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  • You may complete an application requesting a review for child support. An application is available online and through the Logan County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). To avoid delays in processing, please complete all sections that apply, then sign and date the signature lines.

  • By state and federal law, the CSEA is required to pursue child support for any child who receives medical or cash assistance through the Department of Job and Family Services.

  • A court may order the CSEA to determine paternity through genetic testing, establish a child support order or collect payments ordered by the court.

  • Referrals and support orders that result from a child being placed in foster care.

Child support orders are established through administrative hearings and in court.

Administrative hearing: The CSEA hearing officer conducts a hearing at the CSEA office. Both parents must be present at the hearing and will be asked to provide pertinent documents, such as tax information, pay stubs, health insurance expenses, notarized document of child care costs, proof of mandatory employment-related expenses and documentation of other biological children in the household.

Custody and visitation issues cannot be addressed or determined in the hearing. These can be addressed only by a court.

Court: If child support cannot be established through the administrative hearing process, a court date will be set to establish support.