Elder Care

Medicaid provides health coverage for Ohioans age 65 and older, who meet certain income guidelines. This includes long-term care and home health care, as well as diagnostic services, office visits, hospital care and more.

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Medicaid Spenddown

Those who meet other Medicaid eligibility requirements, but receive too much income, can participate in the Medicaid Spenddown program. The spenddown, set by a consumer’s caseworker, works like a monthly deductible. When the consumer’s documented medical expenses equal the monthly spenddown, the rest of his or her medical expenses for the month are covered by Medicaid.  Consumers may choose to pay the spenddown in advance to the Logan County Department of Job and Family Services.

Ohio Home Care Waiver

This program offers seniors an alternative to Medicaid-covered nursing home or hospital care. It provides home care and community-based services for people with serious disabilities and unstable medical conditions who would be eligible for Medicaid coverage in a skilled care nursing facility or hospital.

To be considered for waiver services, you must submit a Home and Community Based Services Waiver Referral Form and other necessary paperwork to the Logan County Department of Job and Family Services. You will be assessed to determine if your medical condition warrants an intermediate or skilled level of care, which is required to qualify for the program.