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To help you get started in the process, we offer the following suggestions. For more detailed advice, check out our Ready Resources section.

Take the positive approach...

  • It is natural to be angry or glum after you have lost a job. However, try not to let those initial emotions rule the day.

  • Turn the situation around. Look at it as an opportunity for change, to find a job that is a better fit than the one you are leaving.

  • When you adopt an upbeat attitude you are much less likely to burn bridges. And when you leave on a good note, supervisors will more likely give you good recommendations, maybe even refer you to job openings they know about.

  • A positive attitude about your situation will pay big dividends in affecting the way you present yourself in job interviews.

Ideas for your job search…

  • Take some quiet time to inventory all the skills you’ve acquired and developed at work and other areas of your life. Also consider what you enjoyed most about each job you’ve had. This will help you better define your job search and build your resume.

  • Network with people from your professional circles, church, social organizations, your neighborhood … anyone you know. That’s because 80 percent of job openings aren’t advertised.

  • Don’t write a one-size-fits-all resume for your job search. Tailor a resume that features your skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to each job you are pursuing.

  • Think of a job interview as a conversation. It is not an interrogation. Try to relax and be at ease as you connect with the interviewer. Speak clearly and confidently.

  • And when it is not your turn to talk, listen carefully. Pay close attention to the questions. If uncertain what the interviewer is asking, rephrase the question in your own words to make sure you have grasped the question accurately.


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