Inventory Your Skills as You Begin the Job Search

At the beginning of your job search take time to create a list of the skills you’ve acquired at work and other areas of your life.

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This skills inventory will help you:

  • Identify the job responsibilities that you enjoy most and are most skilled in. This can help you narrow down the types of jobs you want to look for

  • Build your resume

  • Plan how to present yourself in job interviews

As you conduct your inventory, think about all of your experience at work, in volunteer endeavors, hobbies, education and training, and life in general.

List the skills and knowledge you acquired in all of these experiences, along with the results and recognition you achieved. Record your accomplishments in quantifiable terms, such as “improved my department’s productivity by 15%” or “increased sales by 12%.”

Identify the experiences you most enjoyed, and why, and which you liked the least. And think about tasks and assignments that co-workers or supervisors asked you to handle because you were good at them, even if they may not have been in your job description.

Finally, consider which of these experiences or responsibilities you would like to continue—or avoid, if possible—in your next job.


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